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Ashton Kutcher’s emotional comment on the gulf oil spill

Image by C Morrison from Pixabay

The explosion on the Deepwater Horizon drilling platform, which was leased by British Petroleum, occurred on April 20, 2010. The victims of the incident were 11 workers. Later, on April 22, the rig sank, causing oil to flow out of the well into the Gulf of Mexico. In total, almost 5 million barrels of oil flowed into the waters of the Gulf of Mexico, BP employees and emergency services managed to collect about 800 thousand barrels. The company estimated the total damage from the accident at $17 billion. In connection with the emergency at the BP station, an emergency was declared in several US States.

Barack Obama called the accident at Deepwater Horizon the largest environmental disaster in the country’s history. BP was able to eliminate the oil leak from the emergency well only in August, thanks to the successful operation Static Kill, which aimed to completely seal the damaged well.

The popular Hollywood actor Ashton Kutcher shared his opinion on the explosion at the oil well and expressed his support for Barack Obama. He said “if we could go back to the republican convention when they were saying drill-drill-drill…” What concerns the policy of the US president Kutcher mentioned that Obama did not do so little. He has reduced the number of troops in Iraq and started health care reform, but this is not enough for the Americans. Speaking about the difficult legacy that Obama received from Bush, he has very specific things in mind. First of all, this is an economic collapse within the country, hostility from many States, the loss of the United States unique superpower status, as well as Americans’ uncertainty about their future.