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Month Archives: June 2021

Simple translation

Simple translation, notarized and apostille: the difference

The services of a professional linguist are often used by applicants who need notification of certificates for admission to a foreign university. Most diplomatic missions of countries issuing visas require applicants to provide a notarized translation of the documents required...

Buy the right coffee in the right place and enjoy

Buy the right coffee in the right place and enjoy!

Coffee is a wonderful drink that has been known since ancient times. Delicious and invigorating, it is loved by many people. And since there is demand, there is supply. Now there are artificially grown coffee beans, ersatz drinks, which, although...

Beard benefits

Beard benefits

A beard, from the point of view of both women and many men, complements the image favorably. A bearded guy becomes more courageous, sexier. And a beard in adulthood adds solidity. The hair on the face is of a different...